Licensing of the small-scale industry is one of the primary activities of the department. The department seeks required clearance from relevant agencies and accords approval for licensing, based on which the concerned Regional Office of Economic Affairs (RoEAs) issues the license.

To ease the process of obtaining a business license, the department has delegated all licensing activities to the Region Office of Economic Affairs since 1st April 2021. This includes all matters relating to issuance of new license, renewal, cancellations or any changes thereon.

Small-scale industries are defined as industries with an investment (total fixed capital investment) of between Nu.1 million to 10 million and engaging from 5 to 19 employees. If there is conflict between investment and employment, investment will take precedence. 

Eligibility criteria to apply for Small-scale license:

  • A person having attained the age of 18 years and above 
  • A person without any adverse record as verified electronically or otherwise from the Security Clearance System of Royal Bhutan Police.

You can apply for Small-scale license from:

Please contact to your nearest Regional Office of Economic Affairs for any related information in following numbers: 

  • Thimphu:                              02-325622
  • Phuentsholing:                    05-252320
  • Samdrup Jongkhar:             07-251690
  • Mongar:                                04-641634/642123
  • Trongsa:                                03-522123/521440 and 
  • Gelephu:                               06-251083 

Any enquiries on FDI/Foreign Investment, call 337623