Mandates and Functions

  1. Develop policy and strategies for the growth of the industrial sector.
  2. Support the growth, development and diversification of industries for overall economic growth.
  3. Support industrial transformation through innovation, investment and emerging technologies.
  4. Promote Bhutan as an investment destination and support growth of FDIs.
  5. Conduct studies, analysis and develop plans, projects and programs for industrial development.
  6. Promote, facilitate and manage industrial parks.
  7. Create a conducive environment for the private sector to lead industrial growth and development.
  8. Support rejuvenation of non-performing industries with future potential.
  9. Spearhead the transformation of industry into a green industry
  10. Coordinate preparation of plans and budget.

CSI Promotion Division

  1. Formulate and implement CSI development policy and strategies to encourage the growth of CSIs and advise the government on issues related to CSIs.
  2. Stimulate the development of the CSIs through creation of an enabling environment and provision of business development services including information and access to finance and market.
  3. Promote and facilitate access to industrial parks and Common Facility Centers
  4. Facilitate transfer of knowledge and best practices for efficient business management.
  5. Facilitate transfer of skills and technology to establish CSI businesses.
  6. Institute support measures to bring the informal sector into the mainstream economy.
  7. Explore and adopt opportunities of IT/ emerging technologies for the growth of CSI sector.

Large Industries Promotion Division

  1. Develop policy and strategies for the growth and development of Medium & Large-Scale Industries.
  2. Conduct domestic investment promotion and advocacy programs.
  3. Appraise and process new domestic industrial project applications and upgradation, expansion and additional activities for the existing industries.
  4. Appraise and process proposals for franchise, brand and management collaboration.
  5. Promote value addition, innovation, green and emerging technologies.
  6. Monitoring of the approved industrial projects.
  7. Establish industrial linkages to adopt best practices with institutions and industrial parks/estates both in-country and ex-country.
  8. Provide advisory and facilitation services to existing and potential investors.

Invest Bhutan

  1. Promote Bhutan as an investment destination for FDI by functioning as an Investment Promotion Agency (in line with the FDI Policy 2019)
  2. Create an enabling environment for FDI
  3. Develop and implement investment promotion strategies and action plans.
  4. Facilitate investment and establishment of FDI projects
  5. Provide post establishment services
  6. Provide Policy recommendations for FDI
  7. Provide advice related to FDI treaties and other international agreements.

Industry Sustenance Support Division

  1. Conduct research and studies related to industrial performance, market, raw materials.
  2. Explore ways to support and revive non-performing industries with potential.
  3. Provide advice and facilitate services to operate and manage the businesses efficiently (visa related, tax issues/incentives, currency, SRFL, import license, value addition certificate).
  4. Assess and analyze global industry status that has direct bearing on local industries.
  5. Develop and manage industrial information and licensing systems.
  6. Publication of annual industrial report.

Industrial Parks Management Division

  1. Assessment and identification of the designated area for business infrastructure development.
  2. Conduct feasibility study taking into consideration socio-economic viability for development of business infrastructure (in conjunction with other relevant agencies).
  3. Planning, budgeting, monitoring and coordination of deposit works for execution by cluster agency.
  4. Facilitate allotment of industrial land and space within the IPs/business infra.
  5. Assess, approve and monitor construction of industrial sheds in industrial parks.
  6. Management and maintenance of Industrial Parks.
  7. Liaise with local government and service providers for utility services in the parks/estates.

Environment Services Section

  1. Act as a Competent Authority for NEC delegated activities with regard to issuance/renewal of environment clearance and enforcement of environmental laws in the country.
  2. Conduct capacity building programs for the private sector and relevant officials on environmental management.
  3. Carry out regular inspection and monitoring of industries for compliance to environmental regulation.
  4. Advocate and support upgradation to clean technology.
  5. Facilitate approval of environment clearance for non-delegated activities from NEC.